De Buurtpolitie: De Grote Geldroof


Action & Aventure, Pour enfants, Drame, Made in Europe
1h 20min


Willy Herremans
Commissaris Roger Berckmans
Eric Peeters
Patrick Tilkens
Manoe Frateur
Detective Eric
Ilse la Monaca
Detective Brigitte
Johan Kalifa Bals
Inspector Obi
Ianthe Tavernier
Inspector Floor
Andy Peelman
Inspector Koen
Nicoline Hummel
Inspector Tineke
Henny Seroeyen
Traffic Police Robin
Dorien Reynaert
Traffic Police Femke
Rania Gaaloul
Ines Saloua


During a brutal break-in, among other things a replica of an antique statue is stolen. Detectives Eric and Brigitte give chase. During the escape, the rear doors of the thieves’ van open, the stolen figure is left in the street. To the surprise of the pursuing officers one of the burglars suddenly litters the street with hundreds of bank notes which are eagerly picked up by dozens of bystanders. It is now up to the investigators to not only pursue the thieves, but also to collect back the stolen money.

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