De Hel Van Tanger (2006)

Mystère & Thriller, Made in Europe, Drame
1h 45min


Filip Peeters
Marcel Van Loock
Peter Gorissen
Rudy Vermeersch
Warre Borgmans
Jozef Van Zuylen
Els Olaerts
Agnes Van Loock
Peter Bolhuis
Jack Scholten


In August 1996, bus drivers Marcel Van Loock and Wim Moreels are apprehended by the Moroccan Customs for drug trafficking. Inside their bus, hidden behind a false compartment, they have discovered 700 pounds of hashish. Although the owner of the bus company is arrested as well and makes a full confession clearly indicating that both drivers were unaware of the hidden drugs, the Moroccan judge sentences both men to 5 years in the Moroccan prison of Tangiers. Nothing could have prepared the two men for life inside a Moroccan prison. Without food, clothes or medical care, they must learn how to take care of themselves to survive their stay in prison. Corrupt guards, corrupt lawyers and judges, a consul who doesn't care and frequent beatings are only part of the terrible prison. Meanwhile their families at home are left without any information, any help or any hope - finding out that their own government doesn't care for Belgian people in prisons abroad.

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