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Eddie faces the challenge of being a long-distance co-parent, all while pursuing a new career path helping others who've gone through similar challenges. Katherine forges a lasting relationship with Greta on a journey that ultimately reflects on true love and what it really means to be a family. Rome tackles a different kind of challenge as he deals with his father's health problems. Regina turns her attention to work, finding that being on a food truck puts her out in front of her community in a way that will change her life forever. Sophie and Danny both lean on their surrogate parents when they need them the most and find the strength to return that favor. Maggie has to balance her pregnancy, a demanding job as a radio host, and her worry over what the future holds for her and her growing family. Gary, faced with his own mortality, must make some difficult choices about his future that force him to do the one thing that's always been the hardest for him—need someone.

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13 Episódios


Drama, Comédia, Romance




David Giuntoli
Eddie Saville
Romany Malco
Rome Howard
Christina Moses
Regina Howard
Allison Miller
Maggie Bloom
Grace Park
Katherine Kim
Lizzy Greene
Sophie Dixon