Sete Palmos de Terra - Temporada 5 (2005)

Título Original: Six Feet Under

12 Episódios

Drama, Comédia
1h 0min
Classificação de idade


Peter Krause
Nate Fisher
Michael C. Hall
David Fisher
Frances Conroy
Ruth Fisher
Lauren Ambrose
Claire Fisher
Freddy Rodríguez
Federico Diaz
Rachel Griffiths
Brenda Chenowith
Justina Machado
Vanessa Diaz
Tina Holmes
Maggie Sibley


Everything. Everyone. Everywhere...Ends. Story elements established in the first four seasons reach a series of emotional climaxes, with Ruth overwhelmed by her mentally fragile husband George, Nate struggling to reaffirm his relationship with Brenda while raising his daughter Maya, David and Keith longing for children of their own, Claire trying to broaden her horizons, and Federico attempting to fill the void left by Vanessa. By season's end, all will come to embrace the cycle of life—birth, death and rebirth—in ways that are both unique and interconnected.

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