Les Créatures (1966)

Fantasía, Drama
1h 32min


Michel Piccoli
Edgar Piccoli
Eva Dahlbeck
Michele Quellec
Marie-France Mignal
Viviane Quellec
Britta Pettersson
Lucie de Montyon
Bernard La Jarrige
Doctor Desteau
Lucien Bodard
Monsieur Ducasse
Louis Falavigna
Pierre Roland
Jacques Charrier
René de Montyon (uncredited)
Nicole Coursel
Robert Ganachaud
Simon (uncredited)
Marie-Thérèse Gervier
Danny (uncredited)
Alain Roy
Père Quellec (uncredited)


After a road accident, a writer, Edgar, and his wife, Mylène, take up residence on an island off the coast of France to recuperate. Edgar soon recovers from his injuries and begins writing his next novel, seeking inspiration from the local people. His wife, however, has lost her voice and can only communicate through written notes. The islanders grow suspicious of the reclusive couple, their unease soon turning to aggression. Edgar is equally anxious about his neighbors, particularly a solitary widower, Ducasse, who has taken charge of a large consignment of crates. What secret project is Ducasse engaged in – and can it explain the strange behavior of the islanders?

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