Divina de la muerteDivina de la muerte

Divina de la Muerte - Temporada 5 (2013)

Título original: Drop Dead Diva


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13 Episodios

Drama, Comedia, Romance


Brooke Elliott
Jane Bingum
April Bowlby
Stacy Barrett
Jackson Hurst
Grayson Kent
Kate Levering
Kim Kaswell
Lex Medlin
Owen French
Lex Medlin
Judge Owen French


The fifth series picks up with Jane frantically searching for her missing fiancé Owen, who disappeared after witnessing her kiss Grayson moments before their wedding. While both Jane and Owen nurse their broken hearts, Jane’s friends and co-workers also are confronted with their own life dilemmas. Kim goes public with her pregnancy at the firm as Grayson continues to struggle with his feelings for Jane. Meanwhile, Stacy is left contemplating the future of her business, The Pakery.

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