Zrodila se hvězda (1976)

Original Title: A Star Is Born

Hudba a hudební, Romantika, Drama
2h 19min


Barbra Streisand
Esther Hoffman
Kris Kristofferson
John Norman Howard
Gary Busey
Bobbie Ritchie
Oliver Clark
Gary Danziger
Paul Mazursky
Brian Wexler
Joanne Linville
Freddie Lowenstein
Venetta Fields
One of the Oreos
Clydie King
One of the Oreos
Sally Kirkland
M.G. Kelly
Bebe Jesus
Robert Englund
Marty (uncredited)
Sandy Helberg
Kevin (uncredited)
Maidie Norman
Justice of the Peace (uncredited)
Susan Richardson
Groupie (uncredited)
Susan Richardson
Groupie in Limousine (uncredited)
Roslyn Kind
Table Guest at Grammy Awards (uncredited)
Aesop Aquarian
Recording Engineer - 'Meow-Chow' Catfood Commercial (uncredited)


Drunken, has-been rock star John Norman Howard falls in love with unknown singer, Esther Hoffman, after seeing her perform at a club. He lets her sing a few songs at one of his shows and she becomes the talk of the music industry. Esther's star begins to rise, while John's continues to fall. She tries desperately to get John to sober up and focus on his music, but it may be too late to save him.

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