Head of Growth

JustWatch is an international film marketing startup in Berlin. Founded in October 2014, we are a successful team with extensive experience in software development, marketing & product development.

What we do:

JustWatch develops data-driven movie marketing for the next generation. We are currently active in Germany, USA and many other regions. JustWatch has already acheived tremendous performance improvements of trailer campaigns via a new approach to audience building using environment and demographic targeting.

Currently we are looking for a person with a passion for growth hacking wishing to help to lead a startup international success.

Curiosity and motivation are essential values we look for in each new team member. It’s essential to be someone who learns continuously and seeks new challenges. JustWatch is basically a technology and data-driven startup with additional extensive experience in marketing, sales and business - we do not rely on the famous saying: "Build it and They Will Come".

You should already be able to demonstrate references and great interest in having a platform to bring to it’s growth.

That is why we are looking for talents with a good technical and analytical understanding and experience.

Your traits:

- Passion for growth hacking and interest to help a platform for growth

- Experience in form of blogs, PR, projects, etc.

- Technical understanding of numbers (monitor KPIs, working with internal tools)

- Willingness to learn

- Interest in Data Driven Marketing (SEO, SEA, Story-Link, Mobile Marketing, App-Growth)

- Analytical and technical skills (HTML, Photoshop or SQL)

- Hands-on mentality

- Fluent English

What we offer:

- Experienced Founders with international track record

- A team of the best talent in all areas

- Space for personal development, freedom and self-responsibility

- You'll become part of an international success story from the very beginning

If your interested, JustWrite us at talent@justwatch.com, be sure to tell us who you are and what your goals are.