Netflix 4K

What can you watch in 4K on Netflix? You are lost in the ever growing catalogue of Netflix shows in 4k? You can't find the best 4K movies on Netflix? Search no more! JustWatch created the ultimate list of movies and TV shows you can stream in 4K on Netflix. Browse now through all the Netflix 4K content. Or, if you prefer Netflix movies, select the filter "Movies" and enjoy our Netflix 4K movies list. Sorted by popularity, you can easily choose the best 4K movies on Netflix right now. For TV shows fans, we have the TV show filter. Select "TV Shows" in the filter bar below and get all the 4K shows on Netflix.

Netflix 4K plan

Netflix 4K streaming is not available on Netflix for all its subscribers. Only the subscribers of the premium tier can enjoy Netflix; the premium tier is the most expensive Netflix plan and allows, on top of 4K streaming, the possibility to watch movies and tv shows on up to four screens. The flat rate is always changeable for a cheaper one (which won't have 4K streaming though) and you can quit the subscription at any time. The 4K streaming video quality on Netflix starts at 2160p.