Cardfight!! Vanguard - Season 2: Asia Circuit


Original Title: カードファイト!! ヴァンガード

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39 Episodes

Action & Adventure, Science-Fiction, Animation, Fantasy


Tsubasa Yonaga
Aichi Sendō
Takuya Satou
Toshiki Kai
Izumi Kitta
Misaki Tokura
Shizuka Ishikawa
Kamui Katsuragi
Atsushi Abe
Tetsu Inada
Tetsu Shinjō
Hitomi Nabatame
Asaka Narumi
Atsushi Abe
Ren Suzugamori
Kentaro Ito
Gouki Daimonji
Kumiko Higa
Eiji Saga
Noriaki Sugiyama
Katsumi Morikawa
Ryo Hirohashi
Nagisa Daimonji
Akeno Watanabe
Kyou Yahagi
Emi Shinohara
Aichi's Mother
Takashi Onozuka
Hikaru Kurosawa
Toshihiro Okubo
Gunji Ryūdō
Yūto Kazama
Kaoru Komatsubara


The Vanguard Fight Circuit is a huge tournament where Aichi, Kai, Misaki, Kamui and Ren have to travel around Asia to fight different fighters. The first tournament will be held in Singapore, the second in Seoul, Korea and the third in Hong Kong and the final tournament in Japan which will also be the stage for the overall finals for each winning team.. The other side characters like Miwa, Morikawa, etc. will be left in Japan during the Singapore and Seoul stages and Miwa will be looking after Card Capital, as the Acting Shop Owner during the Tournament Period. However, Aichi mysteriously loses his Royal Paladins and is given the Gold Paladin clan and Kai has his Kagero clan replaced with the Narukami clan. Everything surrounding the the VF Circuit and the new clans revolve around a young boy named Takuto Tatsunagi who speaks with the winner of each stop. But emerging from the Circuit sees the revival of an ancient clan and a force that seeks to destroy the Planet Cray. In order for Aichi to learn the answers to these mysteries, Aichi must Break Through the Limit.

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