Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket - Season 2 (2020)

Original Title: フルーツバスケット

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Comedy, Drama, Romance, Animation, Fantasy


Manaka Iwami
Honda Tooru
Yuuma Uchida
Souma Kyou
Satomi Satou
Hanajima Saki
Mao Ichimichi
Minagawa Motoko
Yuichi Nakamura
Souma Shigure
Miyuki Sawashiro
Honda Kyouko
Kazuyuki Okitsu
Souma Hatori
Makoto Furukawa
Souma Hatsuharu
Rie Kugimiya
Souma Kagura
Megumi Han
Souma Momiji
Atsumi Tanezaki
Uotani Arisa
Maaya Sakamoto
Souma Akito
Reina Ueda
Souma Kisa
You Taichi
Souma Hiro


It’s been almost a year since Tooru started living at Shigure’s house! Though she now has a deeper relationship with each of the Soumas, not just Yuki and Kyou, she is concerned about their sinister curse’s true nature. Summer is approaching and Tooru is invited to spend her days with the Soumas, mainly Kyou and Yuki. Tooru wishes for an easy-going vacation, but her close relationships with the two boys and the rest of the Soumas may prove to cause trouble. As they grow more intimate, their carefree time together is hindered by older hardships and feelings from the past that begin to resurface. The Eternal Banquet also dawns on the members of the zodiac, and they must tend to their duties alongside the unnerving head of the family, Akito Souma. With the banquet approaching and a plethora of feelings to be solved, will Tooru's life with the Soumas remain peaceful, or will she find herself in a situation from which she cannot escape?

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