My Big Phat Hip Hop Family (2005)

Comedia, Música
1h 48min



Audrey is a typical music student at a large Midwestern college, interested in pursuing a career in classical music. Her apparent "normalcy," however, makes her something of a misfit in her family, made up as it is by a group of outrageous performers. Audrey's parents were funk/ R& B stars in the 1970s, while her brother currently reigns supreme on the hip hop and fashion scene, and her precocious little sister is a streetsmart MC in the manner of Lil' Kim. Audrey finds this family tree a little embarrassing, and is somewhat disdainful of the ego and trappings of pop culture entertainment, so she hides her clan from her new boyfriend. This unfortunately becomes a bit difficult to maintain when the family shows up for a visit. The campus will never be the same again!

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