Burning Love


Título original: Pecore in erba

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Comedia , Made in Europe , Documental , Familia


1h 35min


Anna Ferruzzo
Madre Leonardo
Bianca Nappi
Sorella Leonardo
Omero Antonutti
Nonno Leonardo
Vinicio Marchioni
Leonardo Film
Margherita Buy
Madre Leonardo Film
Francesco Pannofino
Padre Leonardo Film
Massimo De Lorenzo
Prof. Alfredini
Alberto Di Stasio
Prof. Alfredini
Lorenza Indovina
Maestra di Leonardo
Paola Minaccioni
Presidentessa AILA
Marco Ripoldi
Antonio Persica


July 2006. Leonardo Zuliani has vanished. The news from Trastevere in Rome turns into a real national emergency, while a huge throng of followers gathers around the young activist’s house. His mother is beside herself with grief and the entire neighbourhood is paralysed. He’s on every TV channel and the authorities all express their solidarity with the family. Many can’t believe it’s true; they prefer to think it’s just one of his stunts. A genius in conveying his ideas, successful cartoonist, visionary fashion designer, cult author, human rights activist: but who is Leonardo deep down? With the help of leading experts and celebrities, the film traces his life, at last casting light on a key figure of our times

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