Clash of Futures (1918-1939)


Título original: Krieg der Träume - 1918-1939

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From the armistice of 1918, which marked the end of the First World War, to the declaration of war in September 1939, the beginning of the Second World War: an era during which there was an aspiration to create a new world, prosperous and at peace, but which provoked a new tragedy, seen through the destinies of thirteen people who were both actors and witnesses of the upheavals of the so-called inter-war period.

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Drama, Guerra, Historia, Europeas





David Acton
Charles Edward Montague
Joel Basman
Rudolf Höß
Roxane Duran
Edith Wellspacher
Rebecka Hemse
Elise Ottesen
Jan Krauter
Hans Beimler
Charlotte Merriam
Unity Mitford
Alexandre Nguyen
Nguyen Ai Quoc
Solène Rigot
May Picqueray
Petr Skvortsov
Stepan Podlubny
Natalia Witmer
Marina Yurlova