Tetsuo: The Bullet Man

Tetsuo: The Bullet Man


Alkuperäinen nimi: 鉄男 THE BULLET MAN

Videot: Traileri, Teaser, Kooste

Mysteeri & Trilleri , Scifi, Kauhu, Toiminta & Seikkailu
1t 11min


Mike Duncan
Soldier 1 (as Michael Duncan)
Alan Koji
Soldier 2
Sou Fujita
Soldier 3
Aldo La Riviere
Anthony - baby
Yutaka Mishima
Delivery Man 1
Delivery Man 2
Masaki Kurusu
Delivery Man 3
Shin-Ichi Kawahara
Delivery Man 4


An American named Anthony is living and working in Tokyo and married to a Japanese woman. When their son is killed by the same driver who creates the Tetsuos in previous films, he makes the transformation into Tetsuo.

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