Waking Life (2001)

Animation, Drame, Fantastique
1h 39min


Trevor Jack Brooks
Young Boy Playing Paper Game
Lorelei Linklater
Young Girl Playing Paper Game
Wiley Wiggins
Main Character
Glover Gill
Accordion Player
Lara Hicks
Violin Player
Ames Asbell
Viola Player
Leigh Mahoney
Viola Player
Sara Nelson
Cello Player
Jeanine Attaway
Piano Player
Erik Grostick
Bass Player
Bill Wise
Boat Car Guy
Robert C. Solomon
Philosophy Professor
Eamonn Healy
Shape-Shifting Man
Charles Gunning
Angry Man in Jail
Alex Jones
Man in Car with P.A.
Carol Dawson
Coffee Shop Chatter
Lisa Moore
Coffee Shop Chatter
Steve Fitch
Alex Nixon
Man Writing a Novel at the Bar
Steven Prince
Man Talking to the Bartender
Ken Webster
Mary McBay
Woman on TV
Jason T. Hodge
Man with the Long Hair
John Christensen
Guy Talking about Turning the Light on in Dreams
David Jewell
Man Talking to Caveh
Adam Goldberg
One of Four Men
Nicky Katt
One of Four Men
Jason Liebrecht
One of Four Men
Brent Green
One of Four Men
RC Whittaker
Man on the Lamppost
David Martinez
Man on the Train
Ryan Power
Young Disappearing Guy
Tiana Hux
Soap Opera Woman
Marta Banda
Friendly Girl
Steven Soderbergh
Interviewed on Television
Mona Lee Fultz
Quiet Woman at Restaurant
Edith Mannix
Older Artist in the Park
Bess Cox
Old Woman Sitting for a Portrait
Louis Black
Kierkegaard Disciple
Richard Linklater
Pinball Playing Man / Man on Back of Boat


Un homme se retrouve projeté dans un monde imaginaire, où il fait d'étranges découvertes.

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