House of LiesHouse of Lies

House of Lies - Saison 4 (2015)

Drame, Comédie


Don Cheadle
Marty Kaan
Kristen Bell
Jeannie Van Der Hooven
Josh Lawson
Doug Guggenheim
Ben Schwartz
Clyde Oberholt
Mary McCormack
Denna Altshuler
Jenny Slate
Sarah Guggenheim


Marty gets out of prison and does everything he can to rebuild his faltering consulting firm; Jeannie is pregnant with Marty's baby and trying to get back in his good graces after causing his downfall; Clyde and Doug fall in love with the same girl, and Clyde tries to reconcile with his father; Doug gets divorced from Sarah; Roscoe demonstrates that he is his father's son after all.

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