Le Cœur a ses raisons - Saison 5 (2018)

Titre Original: When Calls the Heart

Drame, Comédie Romantique, Pour enfants


Erin Krakow
Elizabeth Thatcher
Daniel Lissing
Jack Thornton
Lori Loughlin
Abigail Stanton
Martin Cummins
Henry Gowen
Pascale Hutton
Rosemary LeVeaux
Gracyn Shinyei
Emily Montgomery
Genea Charpentier
Laura Campbell
Loretta Walsh
Florence Blakeley
Charlotte Hegele
Julie Thatcher
Kavan Smith
Leland Coulter
Eva Bourne
Clara Stanton
Carter Evancic
Cody Stanton


In season five, Abigail is faced with a new crisis when financial troubles for the town loom. Elizabeth gets an unexpected visit. Ever the dedicated wife to Lee, Rosemary keeps busy at Dottie’s dress shop as she works to make Hope Valley more fashionable. As Elizabeth awaits news of Jack, who has returned to the Northern Territories, she focuses on teaching her students and dreams of the day when Jack comes safely home and they can plan their wedding. Sheriff Bill Avery keeps Hope Valley safe, as well as maintaining a close eye on Gowen, who continues to adjust to his new life as a laborer at Lee’s mill. Doctor Carson Shephard’s skills are put to the test when an unknown sickness sweeps through town, he opens his heart to love again, and takes a risk that could save or take a life of someone he cares for.

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