Still of the Night (1982)


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Έναρξη τώρα

Drama, Mystery & Thriller, Crime
Χρόνος ροής
1h 31min


Roy Scheider
Doctor Sam Rice
Meryl Streep
Brooke Reynolds
Jessica Tandy
Grace Rice
Joe Grifasi
Joseph Vitucci
Sara Botsford
Gail Phillips
Josef Sommer
George Bynum
Frederikke Borge
Heather Wilson
Irving Metzman
Murray Gordon


When one of his patients is found murdered, psychiatrist Dr. Sam Rice is visited by the investigating officer but refuses to give up any information. He's then visited by the patient's mistress, Brooke Reynolds, whom he quickly falls for despite her being a likely murder suspect. As the police pressure on him intensifies, Rice decides to attempt solving the case on his own and soon discovers that someone is trying to kill him as well.

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