Durgeshgorer Guptodhon


Título original: দুর্গেশগড়ের গুপ্তধন

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Comedia, Drama, Familia
2h 13min


Abir Chatterjee
Prof. Subarna Sen
Anindya Chatterjee
Dr. Pinakpani Debroy
Aryann Bhowmick
Domburopani Debroy (Dumbbell)
Koushik Sen
Trishulpani Debroy (Shuli)


Sona da with Aabir and Jhinuk embarks on his new adventure, a quest that will take them to the legendary Durgeshgor. The journey reveals that the Debroy family, the erstwhile zamindars in their princely mansion hold the key to a presumed rumour of a treasure connected with Plassey. With an amazing vibrant backdrop of Durga Puja in the princely Debroy mansion where the trio is invited for the occasion, one after the other clues is revealed testing Sona da`s wit and grit one more time leading towards the discovery of one of greatest treasures Bengal has ever witnessed.

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