Sabar Uparey


Título original: সবার উপরে

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2h 30min


Uttam Kumar
Shankar Chatterjee
Suchitra Sen
Rita Mukherjee
Chhabi Biswas
Prashanta Chatterjee (Shankar's father)
Pahari Sanyal
Rita's brother, a journalist
Nitish Mukherjee
Suren Das (Public Prosecutor)
Kali Bannerjee
Inspector Shushil
Tulsi Chakraborty
Editor of Court Newspaper (Rita's relative)
Kamal Mitra
Sahadeb Dutta
Sova Sen
Mahamaya Chatterjee (Shankar's mother)


Shankar was a young lawyer in pursuit of making it big in the professional world. However his world is turned upside down when he comes to know that his father, who knew went missing, was in real spending his lifetime in the jail as he was incorrectly accused of murdering a lady named Hemangini. His mother urges him to reinvestigate into the case and save his father. He goes to Kishnanagar in search of the people and the evidences which would help him to prove his father’s innocence. He meets Rita, an young and charming lady who assists him. They fall in love. Shankar faces a lot of roadblocks while trying to collect clues most of them which were imposed by the actual murderer. However he solves the mystery in the end and his father is thus, released from prison.

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