The Color Wheel (2011)

Komédia, Románc
}h min


Carlen Altman
JR / Sister
Alex Ross Perry
Colin / Brother
Bob Byington
Professor Neil Chadwick
Anna Bak-Kvapil
Kim Thompson
Craig Butta
Norton the Bully
C. Mason Wells
Chris 'Wheels' Locke
Keith Poulson
Norton's Sidekick
Drew Brooke
Singing Waiter 1


JR has broken up with her professor. She enlists her nervous and obnoxious younger brother Colin to take a short road trip in order to help move out her belongings. They bicker and fight, with one another and pretty much anybody they encounter, before being brought to a place of togetherness and understanding as a result of being pushed away by everybody in their lives except one another.

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