The Facts of Life


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Dráma, Komédia, Románc
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Bob Hope
Larry Gilbert
Lucille Ball
Kitty Weaver
Ruth Hussey
Mary Gilbert
Don DeFore
Jack Weaver
Louis Nye
Hamilton Busbee
Philip Ober
Doc Mason
Marianne Stewart
Connie Mason
Peter Leeds
Thompson, the Dry Cleaner
Hollis Irving
Myrtle Busbee
William Lanteau
Airline Clerk
Mike Mazurki
First Husband in Motel Room
Bess Flowers
Lady At Airport (uncredited)
Bert Stevens
Man at Airport (uncredited)


Middle-class suburbanites Larry and Kitty grow bored with their lives and respective marriages. Although each always found the other's manner grating, they fall in love when thrown together--without their spouses--on vacation. On returning home they try to break things off, only to grow closer. A holiday together will finally settle whether they should end their marriages.

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