Szellemekkel suttogó - 4. évad (2008)

Eredeti cím: Ghost Whisperer

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Tudományos-fantasztikus, Rejtély és thriller, Dráma


Camryn Manheim
Delia Banks
Jay Mohr
Rick Payne
David Conrad
Jim Clancy / Sam Lucas


Ghost Whisperer explores the spiritual side of life and death as Melinda navigates among the dead and the living in her sometimes chilling, sometimes heart-rending and sometimes amusing attempts to act as an intermediary between the ghosts and those they haunt. Jim, her husband, worries about the emotional toll this work is taking on his wife as they embark on a new life together. Melinda recently has revealed her gift to her new friend, Delia Banks, a single mom who works in Melinda's antique shop. However, Melinda fears the consequences of drawing Delia into this unconventional world.

Szellemekkel suttogó adatfolyam, bérlés vagy vásárlás – 4. évad:

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