20 Best Yash Chopra Movies and Where to Watch Them

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Yash Chopra, an iconic figure in Indian cinema, remains eternally embedded in the hearts of cinephiles as a visionary filmmaker whose contributions have shaped the landscape of Bollywood. His illustrious career spanning several decades is a testament to his ability to craft timeless stories that seamlessly blend emotion, romance, and social commentary. This essay explores the remarkable journey of Yash Chopra as a film director, highlighting the key aspects of his cinematic genius.

Yash Chopra's Early Life and Entry into Filmmaking

Born on September 27, 1932, in Lahore (now in Pakistan), Yash Chopra started his career in the film industry at a young age. His entry into filmmaking can be traced back to the family business, as his father owned a film distribution company. Yash Chopra's early experiences in the industry laid the foundation for his deep understanding of the cinematic craft.

Evolution of Yash Chopra's Style

Yash Chopra's directorial journey began with the film Dhool Ka Phool in 1959, and from then on, there was no looking back. His early films showcased a director experimenting with various genres, and it was evident that he was honing his skills. The turning point came with Waqt (1965), a family drama that marked the beginning of his association with the concept of multi-starrers, a trend that later became synonymous with his name.

Romance and Music

Chopra's name became synonymous with timeless romance. His ability to capture the essence of love on screen, often set against breathtaking backdrops, earned him the title of the King of Romance. Films like Kabhi Kabhie, Silsila, and Chandni showcased his knack for portraying the complexities of human relationships with finesse. Additionally, Yash Chopra's films are often remembered for their soul-stirring soundtracks, with music playing a pivotal role in enhancing the emotional resonance of his narratives.

Social Commentary in Yash Chopra's Filmography

While romance was a recurring theme, Yash Chopra's films were not limited to the realm of love. He exhibited a keen sense of social responsibility, using his directorial prowess to address pertinent societal issues. Deewaar, a gritty drama exploring the conflict between two brothers, and Kala Patthar, shedding light on the lives of coal miners, exemplify his commitment to socially relevant storytelling.

Technological Advancements and Global Recognition

Yash Chopra embraced technological advancements in filmmaking, evident in his later works like Dil To Pagal Hai and Veer-Zaara. These films not only showcased his adaptability but also resonated with a global audience, earning him international acclaim. Veer-Zaara, in particular, was praised for its cross-border love story and nuanced portrayal of Indo-Pak relations.

The Legacy of Yash Chopra

Yash Chopra's legacy extends beyond his directorial prowess. His production house, Yash Raj Films, founded in 1970, has become a powerhouse in the Indian film industry, producing critically acclaimed and commercially successful films. The baton has been passed to his son Aditya Chopra, ensuring that the Yash Chopra cinematic legacy continues to thrive.

Why Deewaar is Yash Chopra's best movie?

Yash Chopra's romances have aged well but it's Deewaar that shines as the complete package, thanks to Amitabh Bachchan's era-defining performance, and Salim-Javed's razor-sharp screenplay. The story of two brothers separated in their adolescence doubles as a dramatic crime thriller and an emotional mother-son tale. Bachchan plays the underdog gangster Vijay while Shashi Kapoor shines in a supporting performance as his brother, the morally righteous cop Vijay. The brothers' emotional confrontation culminating in the dialogue "mere paas maa hai" continues to be referenced in Indian pop culture.

Where can you stream Yash Chopra's filmography?

Netflix, Prime Video and Zee 5 are some of the leading sources to stream Yash Chopra's movies.

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  1. Kabhi Kabhie


    A story spanning two generations, where two lovers are forced to marry against their will, but hold onto memories of their romance. Years later circumstances force them to confront their spouses, their children and each other.

  2. Veer-Zaara



    IMDB 7.8 (57k)


    Squadron Leader Veer Pratap Singh, a pilot in the Indian air force, rescues the stranded Zaara, a woman from Pakistan, following a bus accident, and their lives are forever bound.

  3. Kaala Patthar

    Kaala Patthar


    IMDB 7.6 (2k)


    Branded a coward for abandoning his ship full of 300 passengers, Captain Vijay Pal Singh takes up work in a distant coal mine, poorly equipped, with no sufficient medical supplies or proper facilities. When the miners and their families face a catastrophe, as water has forced its way into one of the mining tunnels, endangering 400 lives, will Vijay be able to rise to the occasion or will he 'abandon ship' again?

  4. Silsila



    IMDB 7.2 (3k)


    When his brother's tragic death leaves his pregnant fiancée devastated, playwright Amit selflessly marries her to protect her from societal contempt. An encounter with his former lover, now married to someone else, takes an unexpected turn when their love proves to be stronger than marital vows.

  5. Chandni



    IMDB 7.9


    Fate leaves Chandni shattered as her love Rohit disappears from her life. She meets Lalit and they befriend each other until Rohit knocks on her door.

  6. Dil To Pagal Hai

    Dil To Pagal Hai


    IMDB 7.0 (24k)


    Rahul, the director of a successful dance troupe, considers Nisha his best friend, though secretly, she is madly in love with him. He then falls for Pooja, who is engaged to Ajay.

  7. Darr




    A woman is caught between one man's love and another man's obsession. She fears one and fears for the other. One stands for love and the other for life. Who will she choose?

  8. Lamhe



    IMDB 7.2 (3k)


    Viren falls for Pallavi, but she marries Siddharth. The couple dies, leaving behind their daughter, who grows up to look just like her mother and falls in love with Viren.

  9. Waqt



    IMDB 7.6 (1k)


    A businessman's family is torn apart by an earthquake and reunited years later in a courtroom where father and sons stand opposed in the roles of accused, lawyer, and witness.

  10. Jab Tak Hai Jaan

    Jab Tak Hai Jaan


    IMDB 6.7 (59k)


    A bomb disposal expert becomes bitter and lonely and is unable to fall in love until he is forced to deal with his past.

  11. Ittefaq



    IMDB 7.4 (1k)


    Taking place almost entirely over the course of one stormy night, a woman is terrified when an accused murderer escapes from a mental hospital and seeks refuge in her home.

  12. Mashaal



    IMDB 7.2


    After being dismissed from his employment as a newspaper editor, for writing against S.K. Vardhan, a influential politician and underworld don, Vinod Kumar, re-locates to the slums of Bombay, and starts his own publication. He soon runs into problems with the local street-gangs, one of which is headed by the notorious Raja. Vinod adopts a positive approach, and this brings out the best in Raja, who even manages to take Vinod's wife, Sudha, to hospital, risking his life, during a Bombay Bandh. Raja then decides to go straight, give up his gang, and study further, encouraged by girlfriend, Geeta. He leaves the slums to upgrade. Several months later, he returns back, anxious to get working with Vinod and his publication, only to find that Vinod is now a criminal don, who has no interest whatsoever in any publication, nor in Raja.

  13. Vijay



    IMDB 5.4


    Vijay is a story about various characters that are bound by relationships of love and friendship. How they become foes and take up weapons against each other. When Arjun and Vicky meet, they are oblivious to the fact that they are cousin brothers.

  14. Faasle



    IMDB 4.8


    Vijay and Chandni are in love. Her father does not approve.

  15. Aadmi Aur Insaan


    Munish and JK were friends, bound together in many ways. JK has helped Munish in his education, a trip to England for higher education and has now made him Engineer-in-charge for his prestigious dam project. JK's brother Ravi is engaged to Munish's sister. But these bonds of friendship are severely tested when Munish finds out that JK's vast empire is not built on totally honest business practices and refuses to support him. JK interprets Munish's behavior as avenging the fact that JK loves his girl, Meena, and expects Munish to give way for him in return for his favours. But Munish knows otherwise. He knows that though he loves JK dearly and would sacrifice his life, his love for him, he will not compromise on his principles. How will the conflict between emotion and principle be resolved? Will Munish have to choose between his heart and his conscience?

  16. Dhool Ka Phool


    The story of an abandoned Hindu child who is found and raised by a Muslim man.

  17. Dharmputra



    IMDB 7.0


    The story of two families — one Muslim and one Hindu — living together in India under British rule.

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