I segreti della lettera (2010)

Titolo originale: Briefgeheim


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Drammatico, Made in Europe, Famiglia
1h 20min


Eleven-year-old Eva is upset by the many rows between her parents and decides to run away. She wants to hide at her best friends Jackie and Thomas’ house, but circumstances bring her to her mysterious neighbour’s garden. She finds a secret letter there, which tells her the man is a king pin in a criminal organisation. And he is not exactly happy with Eva’s unannounced visit. To convince her of the importance of secrecy, he reveals that Eva’s dad is also involved in his illegal affairs. Eva hesitates: is her father who he claims to be? From that moment on, the enterprising girl does her utmost to exonerate her father from being involved. A period dawns in which Eva discovers that grownups also lead their own lives. She wants to ask questions, but at the same time she is afraid of the answers.

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