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Dix Pour Cent (2015)

3 シーズン



Comedy, Drama


as Sophia Leprince
as Hervé André-Jezack
as Mathias Barneville
as Andréa Martel
as Noémie Leclerc
as Camille Valentini
as Gabriel Sarda
as Catherine Barneville
as Hippolyte Rivière
as Collette Brancillon
as Arlette Azémar
as Virginie


In Paris, France, a group of movie-star agents go about their lives and work, and they'll have to figure out how to carry on with the agency after the passing of their fearless leader. This hour-long drama plays out much like a soap opera, with more realistic problems and concerns. They don't do Olympic-size gymnastics to get you to believe a plot or to create drama.

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