Benvenuto Presidente! (2013)

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Beppe Fiorello
Politico con pizzetto
Massimo Popolizio
Politico ruspante
Cesare Bocci
Politico bello
Omero Antonutti
Segretario generale
Gianni Cavina
Signor Fausto
Patrizio Rispo
Generale Cavallo
Pietro Sarubbi
presidente del Brasile
Piera Degli Esposti
mamma di Janis
Federico Galante
portaborse del leader di centro-destra
Lina Wertmüller
Potere Forte
Pupi Avati
Potere Forte
Gianni Rondolino
Potere Forte
Helga Cossu
se stessa


In a small mountain village lives a man with a challenging name, Giuseppe Garibaldi (one of Italy's "fathers of the fatherland"), but everybody call him with the nickname Peppino. Love fishing, the company of friends, the library where he works as a precarious employee. He is an optimistic person even if his child accuse him of being a wannabe. One day, due to a mess of politicians, an amazing thing happens: Peppino is mistakenly elected President of the Italian Republic. Pulled out from his quiet life, is to play a role for which he knows he is obviously inappropriate, but his common sense and his instinctive gestures are incredibly effective, except for the etiquette, for which he is in trouble. The inflexible and fascinating Deputy Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic, Janis Clementi, is anxious to no avail in an attempt to regulate the unpredictable actions of the President...

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