6 Episodes

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SF, 액션


Hana Seung / Joon Seung
Alberto Ammann
Javier Delgado
Sammi Rotibi
Robert Foucault
Cosima Shaw
Leslie Richardson
Kata Sarbó
Ava Macon
Levi Fiehler
Cameron Pate
Evan Hall
Shep Marster
Akbar Kurtha
Dr. Jay Johar
Jeff Hephner
Kurt Hurrelle
Esai Morales
Mike Glenn / Lt. Michael Glenn


Five years after the successful maiden mission to the Red Planet and IMSF has established a fully-fledged colony, Olympus Town, but they cannot finance the Mars expedition alone. It’s now the year 2042, and doors are wide open to the private sector, but tensions arise among original mission-driven scientists and for-profit corporation, Lukrum Industries, who wants to send miners to red planet, creating new world of challenges for everyone.

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