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Video Game High School (2012)

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Johanna Braddy
Jenny Matrix
Joey Scoma
Jumpin' Jacks
Joel Kelley Dauten
Scott Slanders
Anthony Gioe
Cold Turkey
Brennan Murray
Wendell Brixby
Harley Morenstein
Dean Ernie Calhoun
Benji Dolly
Games Dean
Joanna Sotomura
Duchess of Kart
Freddie Wong
Freddie Wong
Jimmy Wong
Ted Wong


It's the near future: You're dead. Your kids are probably dead. Your grandkids (if they're alive) are playing video games. Why? Because professional gaming is the biggest sport on earth. Around the world, millions of players duke it out in fighters, RTS’s, First Person Shooters and more. To the victors go the spoils: glory, clan contracts and million dollar endorsements. The best young gamers are recruited by elite boarding schools to sharpen their skills. The best of the best go to VGHS: VIDEO GAME HIGH SCHOOL.

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