Mars Attacks!


Science-Fiction, Comedy
1v 46min
Amžius Vertinimas


Jack Nicholson
President James Dale / Art Land
Glenn Close
First Lady Marsha Dale
Annette Bening
Barbara Land
Pierce Brosnan
Professor Donald Kessler
Danny DeVito
Rude Gambler
Martin Short
Press Secretary Jerry Ross
Michael J. Fox
Jason Stone
Rod Steiger
General Decker
Lukas Haas
Richie Norris
Jim Brown
Byron Williams
Lisa Marie
Martian Girl
Sylvia Sidney
Grandma Florence Norris
Jack Black
Billy Glenn Norris
Pam Grier
Louise Williams
Joe Don Baker
Richie's Dad
O-Lan Jones
Sue Ann Norris
Tommy Bush
Brandon Hammond
Neville Williams
Frank Welker
Various Martians (voice)
Ray J
Brandon Williams
Rance Howard
Texan Investor
Paul Winfield
General Casey
Barbet Schroeder
French President
Enrique Castillo
Hispanic Colonel


'We come in peace' is not what those green men from Mars mean when they invade our planet, armed with irresistible weapons and a cruel sense of humor. This star studded cast must play victim to the alien’s fun and games in this comedy homage to science fiction films of the '50s and '60s.

Mars Attacks! -

Žmonės, kuriems patiko Mars Attacks!, taip pat patiko

Edward Scissorhands
Sleepy Hollow
Starship Troopers
The Mask
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
Independence Day
Corpse Bride
Dark Shadows
The Fifth Element