The Host

The Host


Originalus aprašymas: 괴물

Žiūrėti dabar

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Following the dumping of gallons of toxic waste in the river, a giant mutated squid-like creature appears and begins attacking the populace. Gang-du's daughter Hyun-seo is snatched up by the creature; with his family to assist him, he sets off to find her.

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Horror, Drama, Science-Fiction, Action & Adventure


2v 0min



Song Kang-ho
Park Gang-du
Byun Hee-bong
Park Hie-bong
Park Hae-il
Park Nam-il
Bae Doona
Park Nam-joo
Ko A-sung
Park Hyun-seo
Oh Dal-su
The Monster (voice)
Yoon Je-moon
Homeless Man
Yim Pil-sung
Fat Guevara
Kim Roi-ha
Yellow Suit at Funeral
Koh Soo-hee
Hostage nurse
Kim Hak-sun
Civilian Military Kim
Brian Rhee
Young Korean Doctor
Paul Lazar
American Doctor
Baek Do-bin
Fumigation Truck Skinny Man
Martin Lord Cayce
U.S. Senator (uncredited)
Choi Dae-sung
Man from Duck Boat (uncredited)
Choi Doo-yeong
Man on Blind Date (uncredited)
Choi Jae-sup
Detective Agency Subordinate 1 (uncredited)
Jung Seo-yoon
Woman with Long Hair (uncredited)
Philip Hersh
Additional Voices (voice) (uncredited)
Jeong In-gi
Isolation Ward Doctor (uncredited)
Jeong Hyeong-Ho
4th Mat 3 (uncredited)
Ji Ha-geon
Camera Phone Man (uncredited)
Jung Kang-hee
Mr. Yoon's Employee (uncredited)
Kim Bi-bi
Isolation Ward Nurse 1 (uncredited)
Kim Choo-wol
Woman crying (uncredited)
Kim Da-yeon
5th Mat Woman (uncredited)
Kim Hyo-sun
Quarantine Hospital Nurse 2 (uncredited)
Kim Jin-seon
Woman from Couple (uncredited)
Kim Nan-hee
Woman from Duck Boat (uncredited)
Kim Sang-jo
Old Security Guard (uncredited)
Kwon Bang-hyeon
Bride-to-be (uncredited)
Kwon Byung-gil
Doctor from Isolation Ward 1 (uncredited)
Kwon Hyeok-Pung
Fisherman 1 (uncredited)
Lee Dong-yong
4th Mat 2 (uncredited)
Lee Eung-jae
Man from Couple (uncredited)
Lee Hoon-jin
Fat Man (uncredited)
Lee Jong-yoon
4th Mat 1 (uncredited)
Lee Seung-jin
Girl's Father (uncredited)
Min Kyung-jin
Altar Security (uncredited)
Moon Hee-ra
Camera Phone Woman (uncredited)
Clinton Morgan
Agent Yellow (uncredited)
Park Jeong-gi
Fumigation Truck Dyed-hir Man (uncredited)
Park Kyeong-mok
Groom-to-be (uncredited)
Park No-shik
Inquiry Officer
Ra Mi-ran
Woman Stomping Her Feet (uncredited)
Seo Ha-neul
Exchanged Girl (uncredited)
Shin Seung-ri
Donald's Girlfriend (uncredited)
Shin Hyun-jong
Mr. Yoon's Friend (uncredited)
Son Young-soon
Grandmother from Bus (uncredited)
Son Jin-ho
Doctor from Isolation Ward 2
Song Kyeong-ha
Woman on Blind Date (uncredited)
Yoo Seung-mok
Taxi Driver
Yoo Yeon-soo
District officer Mr. Jo (uncredited)
Park Jin-woo
Isolation Ward Constable (uncredited)