The Music Room


Originalus aprašymas: জলসাঘর

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Music & Musical, Drama
1v 40min


Chhabi Biswas
Huzur Biswambhar Roy
Kali Sarkar
Diener Ananta
Gangapada Basu
Mahim Ganguli
Pinaki Sengupta
Khoka, Roys Sohn
Sardar Akhtar
Singer (as Begum Akhtar)
Waheed Khan
Ustad Ujir Khan
Tulsi Lahiri
Roshan Kumari
Tänzerin Krishna Bai


A wealthy landlord who lives a decadent life with his wife and son. His passion - his wife would call it his addiction - is music, and he spends a great deal of his fortune on concerts held for the locals in his magnificent music room. He feels threatened by his neighbour, a commoner who has attained riches through business dealings. His passion for music and quest for social respect are his undoing, as he sacrifices his family and wealth trying to retain it.

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