Holy Spirit (2019)

Misterio & Suspense, Comedia
1h 37min


Tom Schuster
Gustl Wanninger / Jesus
Michael Foerster
Harry Sandmann
Stefanie Mendoni
Babsi Boxleitner


Harry Sandmann (Michael Foerster) is head of a Munich advertising agency and must develop an inspiring idea for the market introduction of a Bavarian whiskey brand. So he goes to Radlkofen in Lower Bavaria to pay a visit to the carpenter Leopold Wanninger (Johannes Glocke). When he arrives at the workshop, he sees Wanninger's son and realizes that he looks exactly like Jesus. Suddenly Sandmann has an idea that could possibly solve all of his problems. His idea takes shape: The whiskey is supposed to be called "Holy Spirit" and with Leopold's son Gustl (Tom Schuster), Sandmann has the perfect figure to start an advertising campaign. As a whiskey drinking Jesus, Gustl quickly becomes a media star, and sales of Bavarian spirits are skyrocketing. But at the height of success there is a tragedy: A young woman is cruelly murdered and of all people Gustl is said to be the prime suspect! Can it really be that the whiskey-loving Jesus did this to a woman?

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