About JustWatch

Q: What is JustWatch?

JustWatch is a free streaming guide, designed to help you find where to watch you favorite movies and shows online.

We only show 100% legal offers on many different platforms for paid subscriptions, free streaming, streaming with ads, for rental and for purchase. You can use our filters to only see certain kinds of offers, and can also choose the streaming services you already have to only see content available to you. JustWatch now can create personalized recommendations for you to find what to watch based on your taste and the providers you choose - and we do all this for free!

Q: What is JustWatch Pro?

JustWatch Pro is an enhanced version of the JustWatch experience, offering users a growing number of additional features on a monthly subscription.

Q: Is JustWatch Pro available in all countries?

Not yet, but soon. We are currently rolling out Pro on a country-by-country basis, giving us the opportunity to gather user feedback and improve this offering before making it available to all of our users. But don’t worry, we’re doing everything to make sure it’s available everywhere soon!

Q: How do I sign up for JustWatch Pro?

Currently it’s only possible to sign up in our iOS and Android apps. Once you have subscribed, logging in with the same account on our website will unlock Pro features there too.

Q: Is the JustWatch app still free?

Yes, the app is still free. JustWatch Pro simply gives you additional, new features for a monthly subscription fee.

Q: Who can I contact if I have problems with my Pro subscription?

If you're experiencing issues, we're very sorry about that. Please contact us at feedback@justwatch.com.

Q: How can I cancel my Pro subscription?

We're sorry you want to cancel. To do this, please visit account settings in the app and select Pro Subscription. Then follow the link.

Content & Availability

Q: How is your content created?

We use an open database, themoviedb.com, as the main data source for our content (for trailers, synopsis, titles etc). To be able to provide up-to-date information on where movies and TV shows are available for viewing, we check the content of all the providers listed on JustWatch daily and match this information with the correct movie/show.

Q: I searched for a movie/show on JustWatch, but couldn't find it. Why?

Either none of the providers we support has an offer for the movie/show currently, or it is not listed in our source database themoviedb.com.

Q: Is Netflix's content different in each country?

Yes. We list Netflix content in all the countries where we are available. To see the Netflix content available in your country, make sure to choose the correct country on the JustWatch startpage.

Q: Do you know when a movie/show/season becomes available?

No. We at JustWatch can't affect on what content the providers offer and when. We update the offers daily, so as soon as a movie/show becomes available, you will find the information on our page.

Q: I had an issue with buying/renting/streaming the movie/show on the provider's page. What should I do?

Please contact the provider's customer support directly. We can't handle any issues outside our app/website.

Q: JustWatch shows a movie is available on Kanopy, but Kanopy does not have it in my location

Kanopy works in tandem with your local library to decided what content is available, and the details for each library are not available to us. We thusly show everything Kanopy has to offer, but your local library may not support it. We are working on a way to more accurately show Kanopy in the future

Q: The price you list for a movie/show/season is wrong, e.g. it's more expensive on iTunes. Why?

Please notice that there are usually different prices for HD and SD versions. "Best price" is usually for SD version, while many providers show the more expensive HD price by default. Make sure to use the correct filters to check prices.

Q: A movie/show is available on "provider x", but you are missing this information. Why?

If it's a provider already listed on JustWatch, it's an error from our side and we are sorry about that. Please let us know the details and we will fix it as quickly as possible. If it's a provider we don't list currently, feel free to suggest this provider to us!

Q: What does it mean when a movie/show is not available for streaming/buying/renting?

It means (most likely) that none of the providers we support offers the title at the moment. We check the providers' pages daily for new content. If you know we are missing an availability information, please report it and we'll fix it!

Q: I noticed a movie/show wasn't available on the provider's service, although you said it is. Why?

We check our content's availability daily but sometimes due to technical issues we are not able to check if the offers are expired or not. Please let us know about the issue, and we will fix it quickly.

Q: Why was I redirected to a different movie/show after clicking a provider's icon?

We most likely mixed up a wrong version or a similarly named movie/show, sorry about that. Let us know about it, and we will fix it asap!

Q: I noticed that you don't list all possible streaming/renting/buying providers available in my country. Why?

Our goal is to have all the providers that are important for our users and we choose the providers based on our users' request. Let us know about it, and we will fix it asap!

Q: Why does JustWatch only show 30 Funimation titles being available?

We currently only show 30 Funimation titles on JustWatch - hopefully in the future we can show the full Funimation catalog, but for now we show a curated list of titles

Found a content or availability issue?

If none of these is answering your question or you want to report an error, please use the report form (you can find it on every movie/show page right below the offers), or send us an email to data-police@justwatch.com with at least the following details and we'll look into your problem:

  • The country you are using JustWatch in
  • The country you are using your streaming provider in
  • If possible, a link to the title you want to see on JustWatch

Found a bug or have a feature suggestion?

Please let us know about any problems you're facing with our web, mobile, or TV apps by sending a mail to feedback@justwatch.com. Please include at least the following details:

  • Which platform you're using (Website, iOS app, Android app or TV apps)
  • App version