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<p>We are glad you're here! On JustWatch you can easily find out where to watch your favorite <a link-filter-refresher href="https://www.justwatch.com/nz/movies">movies</a> & <a link-filter-refresher href="https://www.justwatch.com/nz/tv-shows">TV shows</a> in New-Zealand.<br> JustWatch is easy and effective: choose your favorite streaming providers in the WatchBar below and see <a link-filter-refresher href="https://www.justwatch.com/nz/provider/netflix">what’s on Netflix</a>, <a link-filter-refresher href="https://www.justwatch.com/nz/provider/amazon-prime-video">Amazon Prime Video</a> and 8 other legal streaming providers.<br> We organized this list of movies and tv shows by popularity to help you stream the best online in New-Zealand. Right now, amongst the best movies you can watch online, you’ll find <a link-filter-refresher href="https://www.justwatch.com/nz/movie/solo-a-star-wars-story">Solo: A Star Wars Story</a>, the marvel movie <a link-filter-refresher href="https://www.justwatch.com/nz/movie/avengers-infinity-war">Avengers: Infinity War</a> and the horror movie <a link-filter-refresher href="https://www.justwatch.com/nz/movie/the-purge-2">Purge - Anarchy</a>. Regarding shows, the most popular shows available on legal streaming right now are <a link-filter-refresher href="https://www.justwatch.com/nz/tv-show/the-big-bang-theory">The Big Bang Theory</a>, <a link-filter-refresher href="https://www.justwatch.com/nz/tv-show/the-walking-dead">The Walking Dead</a>, and <a link-filter-refresher href="https://www.justwatch.com/nz/tv-show/american-horror-story-freak-show">American Horror Story</a>. <br><br>Use our filters to find the best content to stream tonight. Either you’re a fan of <a link-filter-refresher href="https://www.justwatch.com/nz?genres=hrr">horror movies</a> or <a link-filter-refresher href="https://www.justwatch.com/nz?genres=rma">romantic comedies</a> or you simply want to watch some <a link-filter-refresher href="https://www.justwatch.com/nz/provider/netflix?presentation_types=4k">Netflix 4K content</a> or you’re searching for a <a link-filter-refresher href="https://www.justwatch.com/nz/provider/netflix-kids">kids movie or tv show</a> to enjoy with your children, our filters let you browse and easily find a specific movie or TV shows to watch it legally online. <br><br> We also offer a great overview of what’s new in the catalogs of your favorite streaming provider(s): see a comprehensive and simple overview of <a link-filter-refresher href="https://www.justwatch.com/nz/provider/netflix/new">what’s new on Netflix</a>, <a link-filter-refresher href="https://www.justwatch.com/nz/provider/amazon-prime-video/new">Amazon Prime Video</a> and 8 other legal streaming providers <a link-filter-refresher href="https://www.justwatch.com/nz/new">here.</a></p>