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Carlos Larkin
Narrator (voice)
Edward D. Wood Jr.
Glen / Glenda (archive footage)
Jackie Coogan
Dr. Aranya (archive footage)
Noah Hathaway
Harry Potter Jr. (archive footage)
Don Sullivan
Regg (archive footage)
Phyllis Diller
Camille Salamander (archive footage)
Paul Blaisdell
The Monster (archive footage)
Warren Beatty
Lyle Rogers (archive footage)
Dustin Hoffman
Chuck Clarke (archive footage)
Koji Furuhata
Frankenstein (archive footage)
Vic Savage
Martin Gordon (archive footage)
John Call
Santa Claus (archive footage)
Lea Thompson
Beverly Switzler (archive footage)
Bill Freed
Adolf Hitler, der Führer (archive footage)
Jim Kelly
Black Belt Jones (archive footage)
Robert De Niro
Jon Rubin (archive footage)
Barbara Bach
Alice Brandt (archive footage)
Don Bowman
Jeepers (archive footage)
Jeannie Bell
T.N.T. Jackson (archive footage)
George Barrows
Ro-Man (archive footage)
Alex Rebar
Steve West (archive footage)
Darren McGavin
Red (archive footage)
Zandor Vorkov
Count Dracula (archive footage)
John Bloom
Frankenstein's Monster (archive footage)
Tor Johnson
Lobo (archive footage)
Jackie Gleason
Buford T. Justice (archive footage)
Olivia Newton-John
Kira (archive footage)
Bill Cosby
Leonard Parker (archive footage)
Jean Hawkshaw
Omoo (archive footage)
Bela Lugosi
Dr. Zabor (archive footage)
Boris Karloff
Dr. Bernard Adrian (archive footage)
Robert Englund
Ranger (archive footage)
Ramón Gay
Dr. Eduardo Almada (archive footage)
Elke Arendt
Schneewittchen (archive footage)
Robert Towne
Agent XK150 (archive footage)
Colleen Camp
Mary Ann (archive footage)
Tom Laughlin
Billy Jack (archive footage)
Peter Graves
Dr. Doug Paul Martin (archive footage)
Lon Chaney Jr.
Bruno (archive footage)
Joan Crawford
Dr. Brockton (archive footage)
Larry Fine
Larry (archive footage)
Moe Howard
Moe (archive footage)
Joe DeRita
Curly-Joe (archive footage)
Chung-kuei Chang
(archive footage)
David Millbern
Pando (archive footage)
Peter Breck
Steve Curan (archive footage)
Viju Krem
Natasha Di Natalie (archive footage)
Louis Gossett Jr.
Rev. Elija Bliss (archive footage)
Marilyn Hanold
Princess Marcuzan (archive footage)
James Best
Thorne Sherman (archive footage)
Vic Morrow
Ron Hamer (archive footage)
Narrator (archive footage)
Rosey Grier
Jack Moss (archive footage)
Richard Kiel
Eegah (archive footage)
Ray Dennis Steckler
Jerry (archive footage)

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