The Year Earth Changed


Oglądaj Teraz



Czas Trwania




David Attenborough
Narrator (voice)
Bhashkar Bara
Self - Villager
Dulu Bora
Self - Conservationist
Anshul Chopra
Self - Photographer
Christine Gabriele
Self - Whale Researcher
Meghna Hazarika
Self - Conservationist
Russell MacLaughlin
Self - Wildlife Cameraman
Salim Mandela
Self - Cheetah Researcher
Janet Neilson
Self - Whale Researcher
Justin Perrault
Self - Turtle Researcher
Suzie Teerlink
Self - Whale Researcher


Never-before-seen footage shows how our living in lockdown opened the door for nature to bounce back and thrive. Across the seas, skies, and lands, Earth found its rhythm when we came to a stop.

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