Skazany na śmierć - Sezon 3


Tytuł Oryginalny: Prison Break

Oglądaj Teraz

13 Odcinki

Akcja & Przygoda, Kryminał, Dramat, Mystery & Thriller, Made in Europe
Czas Trwania


Wentworth Miller
Michael Scofield
Dominic Purcell
Lincoln Burrows
William Fichtner
Alexander Mahone
Wade Williams
Brad Bellick
Jodi Lyn O'Keefe
Gretchen Morgan
Robert Knepper
Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell
Amaury Nolasco
Fernando Sucre
Danay García
Sofia Lugo
Julio Cedillo
Général Mestas
Chris Vance
James Whistler
Robert Wisdom
Norman "Lechero" St. John


Just when they thought they were out, they are pulled back in — for the most dangerous escape ever. Season three finds Michael Scofield wrongly incarcerated in Sona, a hellish Panamanian prison where there are no rules, no guards, and no escape.

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