Mad Max: Black & Chrome


Ação & Aventura, Mistério & Thriller, Ficção Científica
1h 54min


Mad Max: Fury Road is a masterpiece, but we’ve never seen the best version of the film, at least according to director George Miller. In his mind, a black and white version of the post-apocalyptic car opera with the score making the only sounds in the film would be best. And so, the Blu-ray release of Fury Road was to include that cut. But it never came, even though Miller reportedly demanded its release from Warner Bros. Today is then indeed a lovely day, as one dedicated fan has taken it upon themselves to realize Miller’s vision. The creator of this black and white cut drained the color out of the orange dunes, azure sky, and crimson blood. Gunshots and dialogue have been replaced with remixed versions of the film’s score. It may not be what Miller himself would have done, but it’s still an incredible watch. Witness “Black & Chrome”.

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