A Vingadora - Temporada 1


Título Original: Alias

Assista Agora

22 Episódios

Ação & Aventura, Crime, Ficção Científica, Mistério & Thriller, Drama


Jennifer Garner
Sydney Bristow
Michael Vartan
Michael Vaughn
Victor Garber
Jack Bristow
Ron Rifkin
Arvin Sloane
Bradley Cooper
Will Tippin
Carl Lumbly
Marcus Dixon
Merrin Dungey
Francie Calfo
Kevin Weisman
Marshall Flinkman


The first season of Alias premiered September 30, 2001 on ABC and concluded May 12, 2002 and was released on DVD in region 1 on September 2, 2003. Guest stars in season one include Sir Roger Moore, Terry O'Quinn, Quentin Tarantino, and Gina Torres. Apart from Truth Be Told, the episodes of Alias are often unconventionally structured in that the title credits are usually shown well into the plot, almost as an afterthought. Also, usually a plot finishes at mid-episode and a new plot begins, so that every episode finishes with a cliffhanger. The impression thus created is that an episode will conclude the previous one and plant the seeds of the next one.

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