André: The Voice of Wine


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André - The Voice of Wine takes us on a cinematic journey from Russia through Europe to America as we embrace the story of André Tchelistcheff, who devoted his life to the ancient craft of winemaking. André was a Russian aristocrat who spent his early years working and studying all around Europe before going to Napa Valley, California, where his life was filled with both tragedy and success as he helped to move the Californian wine industry from a virtually moribund state after the repeal of Prohibition. He had a direct impact on the 1976 Paris blind tasting, known as the ‘Judgement of Paris’, staged by Steven Spurrier which turned the world of wine upside down. André was not a businessman, but an artist and scientist whose heart and soul were devoted to wine. His philosophy about life and his love for wine continues to influence generations of wine makers throughout the world.

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