Swordsman and Enchantress

Swordsman and Enchantress


Original Title: 蕭十一郎

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Asian fans of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon recognized that its director Ang Lee was actually inspired by director Chu Yuan and novelist Ku Lung's wonderful tales of a "martial art world" where all wushu warriors try to attain the "Deer Sword" and escape from the insidious maze-like "Toy Land." Master kung-fu choreographer Tang Chia leads the king and queen of Shaw's swordplay, Ti Lung and Lily Li, in a fascinating and entertaining adventure of consummate swordmen and sorceresses.

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Action & Adventure


1h 26min



Ti Lung
Hsiao Shi-yi Lang
Lily Li
Lady Feng
Tony Liu
Lian Chengbi
Ching Li
Mrs. Lian/Chen Bijun
Tang Ching
Saint Xu Ruzi/Mr Tian
Norman Chui
Hua Pin, King of Left hand Sword
Shum Lo
Doctor Fei
Ting Tung
Green Willow
Lee Hoi-Sang
One of 2 zombies of the West
Chan Shen
Zombie Casters
Teresa Ha Ping
Old Woman in Puppet Villa
Wang Han-Chen
Little Puppet in Puppet Villa
Chiang Nan
Keeper of Puppet Villa
Kara Hui
One of 12 Flower Servants of Yihua Palace
Wong Ching-Ho
Wine stall keeper
Yuen Wah
One of the Leng brothers
Tang Tak-Cheung
One of the Leng brothers
Chik Ngai-Hung
One of the Leng brothers
Law Keung
One of the Leng brothers
Yuen Bun
Zombie Casters/Liang Chengbi's guest
Yuen Biao
Mrs Lian's bodyguard
Alan Chan Kwok-Kuen
Mrs Lian's bodyguard
Huang Pei-Chih
Little Lord's servant
Hsu Hsia
Little Lord's servant
Brandy Yuen Jan-Yeung
Little Lord's servant/Lian Chengbi's guest
Chin Chun
Little Lord's servant
Gam Tin-Chue
Lian Chengbi's guest
Chin Chun
Lian Chengbi's guest
Sai Gwa-Pau
Lian Chengbi's guest
Hung Ling-Ling
One of 12 Flower servants of Yihua Palace