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What are the movies to watch on Tubi TV right now? Wonder no more! JustWatch shows you the ultimate Tubi TV movie list. We organized the movies by popularity to help you pick up the best movies on Tubi TV. You would rather just see horror movies on Tubi TV or comedy movies on Tubi TV? Simply use our filters below to find the one that will match your preferences. Yes, it's that simple! Our Tubi TV movie list is updated daily, to make sure you don't miss any of the good movies on Tubi TV.

5,515 titles
The Host
Force Majeure
King of New York
Barking Dogs Never Bite
Star Trek: Nemesis
There Will Be Blood
Train to Busan
Planes, Trains and Automobiles
Beverly Hills Cop
The Wailing
Sleepy Hollow
A Good Marriage
Take Shelter
Star Trek: First Contact
Frances Ha
Rat Race
Friday the 13th
Lords of the Deep
Donnie Darko
Changing Lanes
Sunshine Cleaning
Sea Fog
Open Your Eyes
Midnight in Paris
Star Trek: Generations