Initial D - Fourth Stage


Original Title: 頭文字 D

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24 Episodes


Animation , Sport , Action & Adventure , Comedy , Drama , Romance



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This series focuses on the exploits of the new team founded by Ryosuke, Project.D, which is composed of Ryosuke (leader and strategist), downhill specialist Takumi, uphill specialist Keisuke, and a staff consisting primarily of members of the Akagi Red Suns. The team travels the region, challenging other teams and posting the results of the battles on their website. Each race is intended by Ryosuke to develop a specific area of his drivers' skills. By this time, Takumi matures slowly into a more confident and knowledgeable street racer, while Keisuke improves on his technical driving skills. Takumi instinctively develops many new techniques through his own ingenuity after some prompting by Ryosuke, such as "Blind Attack", a passing with his headlights off so that his opponent is unable to see him coming and block him, and using weight shifting to execute manoeuvres similar to the gutter-hook technique on Akina.

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