Attack on Titan - Season 3 (2018)

Original Title: 進撃の巨人


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Drama, War & Military, Action & Adventure, Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Animation


Yuki Kaji
Eren Jaeger (voice) (Main Character)
Marina Inoue
Armin Arlelt (voice) (Main Character)
Yui Ishikawa
Mikasa Ackerman (voice) (Main Character)
Hiroshi Kamiya
Levi (voice) (Main Character)
Saki Fujita
Ymir (voice)
Daisuke Ono
Erwin Smith (voice)
Yoshimasa Hosoya
Reiner Braun (voice)
Shimono Hiro
Conny Springer (voice)
Ryota Ohsaka
Marco Bodt (voice)
Romi Park
Hange Zoe (voice)
Tomohisa Hashizume
Bertholdt Hoover (voice)
Yu Kobayashi
Sasha Browse (voice)
Yu Shimamura
Annie Leonhardt (voice)
Saori Terai
Traute Carven (Voice)
Kenji Takahashi
Peaure (voice)
Ikumi Hayama
Anca Rheinberger (voice)
Hideaki Tezuka
Dallis Zacklay (voice)
Takehito Koyasu
Zeke Jaeger (Beast Titan) (voice)
Kensho Ono
Floch Forster (voice)
Yuusaku Yara
Rod Reiss (voice)
Tomokazu Sugita
Marlo Freudenberg (voice)
Tasuku Hatanaka
Flegel Reeves (voice)
Masaki Terasoma
Djel Sanes (voice)
Masahiko Tanaka
Dot Pyxis (voice)
Kazuhiro Yamaji
Kenny Ackerman (Voice)
Akeno Watanabe
Hitch Doris (voice)
Shiori Mikami
Krista Lenz / Historia Reiss (voice)
Kenjirou Tsuda
Hannes (Voice)
Tsuguo Mogami
Keith Shardis (voice)
Yasunori Matsumoto
Eren Kruger (voice)
Tomo Sakurai
Grisha's Mother (voice)
Tatsuhisa Suzuki
Grice (voice)
Seirou Ogino
Grisha's Father (voice)
Ikkyuu Juku
Gross (voice)
Chiyuki Miura
Faye Yeager (voice)
Kishou Taniyama
Jean Kirschtein (voice)
Yoshikazu Nagano
Aurille (voice)
Kousuke Takaguchi
Ralph (voice)
Daichi Endou
Dimo Reeves (voice)
Sayaka Senbongi
Nifa (voice)
Yuuto Uemura
Grisha Yeager (young) (voice)
Rintarou Nishi
Moblitt Berner (voice)
Hiroshi Tsuchida
Grisha Jaeger (voice)


Eren and his companions in the 104th are assigned to the newly-formed Levi Squad, whose assignment is to keep Eren and Historia safe given Eren's newly-discovered power and Historia's knowledge and pedigree. Levi and Erwin have good reason to be concerned, because the priest of the Church that Hange had hidden away was found tortured to death, making it clear that the Military Police are involved with the cover-up. Things get more harrowing when the MPs make a move on Erwin and the Levi Squad narrowly avoids capture. Eren is also having problems with his Titan transformation, and a deadly killer has been hired to secure Eren and Historia, one Levi knows all too well from his youth. Then, Hoping to retake Wall Maria and find the answers humanity seeks in Grisha's basement, Eren, Mikasa, Armin and the rest of the Scout Regiment return to the town where everything began: Shiganshina.

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