RWBY - Volume 3


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12 Episodes

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Action & Adventure, Science-Fiction, Comedy, Fantasy, Animation, Drama, Mystery & Thriller


Miles Luna
Jaune Arc
Arryn Zech
Blake Belladonna
Kara Eberle
Weiss Schnee
Barbara Dunkelman
Yang Xiao Long
Jen Brown
Pyrrha Nikos
Samantha Ireland
Nora Valkyrie
Joel Heyman
Bartholomew Oobleck
Ryan Haywood
Peter Port
Jason Rose
James Ironwood
Elizabeth Maxwell
Winter Schnee
Vic Mignogna
Qrow Branwen
Josh Ornelas
Sage Ayana
Gavin Free
Scarlet David
Kathleen Zuelch
Glynda Goodwitch
Michael Jones
Sun Wukong


The Vytal Festival Tournament is the ultimate battle of skill, pitting the world's most powerful Huntsmen and Huntresses in training against one another... and it's finally here! Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang are back for a season of over-the-top action, and they're not alone. New fighters from around Remnant are ready to bring glory to their kingdom, but there are those among them with a far more sinister goal in mind…

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