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This is a tragic comedy about the friendship of two young women who begin their internships in a prestigious architectural firm, only to find a sobering reality that does not match their expectations and materializes all their fears. It's a story about how that friendship is put to the test when these two girls are forced to compete perversely and the past secret of one of them is exposed in an awkward way. But it's also about how these two friends realize that they only have each other in this strange world they are now part of and understand why they form an incredible team that can survive even the most difficult tests. This series is a representation of how a work environment is full of obstacles, bosses and colleagues who may be enemies, but by learning to the fullest, you can end up seeing these people as a kind of strange, dysfunctional and loving family of your own. This is the portrait of those colleagues you can find in every office. The ones who are fun, the ones who are deadly serious and the ones who are still trying to figure out how to make everything better. The story of these two young women is the rude awakening to the real world that we have all been through, but it is also the fact that you are capable of more than you think.

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