Fat Fiction






1h 55min


Gary Taubes
Self / Investigative Science Journalist / Author
Nina Teicholz
Self / Investigative Science Journalist / Author
Ancel Keys
Self (Archival footage) / Physiologist
Tim Noakes
Self / Scientist / Author / Professor Emerita
Mark Hyman
Self / Narrator / Nutritionist / Functional Medicine Physician
Bret Scher
Self / Cardiologist
Sarah Hallberg
Self / Obesity Specialist
Zoe Harcombe
Self / Obesity Researcher
Salim Yusuf
Self / Cardiologist
Robert Lustig
Self / Pediatric Endocrinologist
Jason Fung
Self / Diabetes Specialist
Bill Maher
Self (Archival footage) / Comedian
Eric Westman
Self / Obesity Specialist
Jonny Bowden
Self / Certified Nutritionist
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Self (Archival footage) / President
Alyssa Gallagher
Self / Certified Diabetes Educator
Brian Gaudette
Self / US Army Pilot
Brian Lenzkes
Self / Internal Medicine Physician
Doug Reynolds
Self / Founder and CEO, LowCarbUSA
Dave Asprey
Self / Founder, Bulletproof


Leading health experts examine the history of the U.S. Dietary Guidelines and question decades of dietary advice insisting that saturated fats are bad for us.

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