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In a nutshell about Mubi

MUBI is not like a normal provider. At MUBI you get each day 1 new great film, which you can watch within 30 days. Besides the possibility to watch the movie, there is a big community where you can discuss the movies with people all around the world.

95 titles
Fantastic Planet
Sans Soleil
Fear and Desire
The Point!
Immoral Tales
Extraordinary Stories
The Beast
Boarding Gate
Sweet Rush
Katalin Varga
Two English Girls
The Stranger
Neon Bull
Bird of Paradise
24 City
Broken Blossoms
I Still Hide to Smoke
Passing Summer
From What Is Before
Ecce bombo
Lost, Lost, Lost
The Cow
A Time for Drunken Horses
Deep Crimson
Little Brothers
Family Life